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Frequently Asked Questions

Getting permanent cosmetics or any tattoo for that matter can be very overwhelming at times and can make you have a lot of questions so here is a short list of the most frequently asked questions that I get.


-Does it hurt? I use a topical anesthetic to numb you during EVERY procedure. Everyone is different so whether you feel it after I numb you just depends but MOST don't.

-How long does microblading last? It can and will fade over time and depending on how well you take care of the area will determine how long it lasts. Typically 1-3 years though is average.

-Can I still wear make-up? You can wear make-up around the procedure area, but NOT directly on the procedure site. Once fully healed, then you can wear make-up again like prior.

-How long does it take to heal? It takes a full two weeks for the procedure site to completely heal if taken care of properly.

-Will my procedure area swell? Eyeliner and lips are two of the most sensitive areas for permanent cosmetics due to the skin being so delicate and thin. These are the only two areas where you will swell, but with ice off & on at 30 min intervals, swelling can be controlled and typically only lasts a day or two.

-How long does the appointment take? You are with me a total time of an hour and a half from the moment you walk in to the moment you leave. The tattoo time does not last the entire time. Tattoo time varies with every procedure.

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